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St Julian's Axis DiscoB.Js Nightclub

Malta Beach Resorts


St Julian's

The resort of St. Julian’s is the biggest and liveliest resort in the country.  For this reason the majority of the people coming to this island are the 18-25 groups, singles and couples looking for a great weekend away.  Families do come as well, but they aren’t as visible as are the rest of the groups.

If you are coming we recommend pre-booking a package before you arrive, as this will be the best way to get the best prices. The three main bays and areas are Spinol Bay, Bulluta Bay and the quieter area of St. Georges Bay.

The resorts are very commercialized and you will see many four and five-star hotels all over the place, but besides all the hotels you have a fantastic place for shopping, dining and all your water sports. Also, there is a fantastic Marine Park and Splash & Fun Water Park, for those people not wanting to go to the beach. For more information on St. Julian’s go to

The whole area is very beautiful and for those people looking for the nightlife you will find it in the St. Julian’s area of the island, where the clubs go on till the early hours of the morning. Below is a list of a few of those clubs and pubs:

Axis Disco

Located on St. Georges Road in the St. Julians area this club is the main club in town. It plays a mixture of music from commercial to house music and with its great laser shows it’s sure to please. For more information go to 

B.Js Nightclub

If you are a bit older you might prefer Bjs for their live jazz and blues music. They are located on Ball Street, off Wilga Street. For more information go to

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