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Festivals & Events

Greek Festivals and Events

January – June


Patras Carnival
Patras, Greece

The Greeks claim that they their country is the birthplace of the carnival, when the first reference to anything resembling a parade float apparently happened in 500BC when a statue of Dionysus was carried from his temple as part of the opening ceremony of a stage drama.

Whatever the history, the Patras Carnival is a colourful and fascinating affair, with balls, parades and treasure hunts that lasts over six-weeks. The last weekend is the busiest when you will see over 300,000 people dancing in the streets.



Athens Carnival

This Carnival kicks off in February, but it runs through to March and April. Most of the festivities take place on the street, so there are loads of free concerts to watch.



Northern Greece

This festival has a giant bonfire lit and when it dies participants work themselves into a trance before walking and dancing over the hot coals. It's a festival you don't want to miss.



Synch Festival

This festival brings together video makers, visual artists, and DJs from around the globe. It’s a great festival that shouldn’t be missed.






July – December


Annual Heraklion Summer Festival
Heraklion, Crete
July – September


Athens Festival
Athens, Greece
June – July

This Greek festival has drama, dance and music in the 2,000 year old outdoor Odeion theatre at the base of Acropolis Hill sets for a perfect festival.


Cosmopolis International Festival

Kavala, Greece


Hydra Rebetiko Gathering
Athens, Greece





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