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Clubs and pubs in Greece


When you are in Athens you will have the impression that the city never sleeps. Athens gives new meaning to the word nightlife. Whether you start with dinner and then hit the clubs, the city is sure to keep you entertained until the early hours. There are several clubs and pubs and the best thing is to check out the local entertainment magazine or go to Psiri and Gazi Districts, where you will find most of the nightlife.


This club is located in the Psiri district and the metro stop is Monastiraki. It plays progressive house music and has a young crowd, especially on the weekends.


This club is also located in the Psiri district and the metro stop is Monastiraki. It plays more mainstream music and the club does get very busy on weekends.


This club is located in the Gazi District and it plays funky music. You will find a young and trendy crowd here.


This club is located in the Gazi District and it plays more mainstream music. You will find a lot of students at this club.





Of all the Islands in Greece Mykonos is the party island. It’s a place where the afternoon of sitting on the beach drinking leads into a crazy night of partying. It’s a great place to meet people as everyone is there to have fun and get drunk. It’s not as cheap as some of the other islands, but the alcohol is cheap, so that’s all that counts.

If you love the beach you should go to Paradise Beach. It's a bit inconvenient for those staying in town, but buses run until 4:30 am and it only costs 1 Euro. The bars at the beach have some wicked night parties, so be prepared for a lot of fun. Once a month Paradise Beach hosts a Full Moon Party on the beach, so look out for flyers when you are town for more information.

Tropicana Beach Bar

This bar is located on Paradise Beach and it’s one of the best bars on the island. Here anything goes, as here beers cost as little as 3 Euros and you will see people dancing on the tables all night. It does get a bit crazy later on, but hey that’s what Mykonos is all about.

Skandinavian Bar and Disco

The evening starts at 11 here, as its located in the middle of a pedestrian intersection and its where most people meet. Skandinavian Bar takes up an entire block and is comprised of two tiny open-air service bars, an elevated outdoor patio and a thumping club. They have cheap drinks, which makes it a must for anyone. This is a bar we would definitely recommend as it’s always busy and the alcohol is cheap.





The Ios crowd is young, mostly in there early to middle 20s and they come here for two things drinking and shagging. Most of the bars on the island are small in size and drinks are pretty cheap. Ios town is not much more than a series of small bars wrapped around this square. People tend to float between their 3-4 favorites – picking them out of the more than 100 available in this small little area.

The Far Out Cafe

This is a popular place for people to meet and have a few drinks before they hit the bars.



This is one of the most popular clubs on the island and it offers everything from go-go dancers to the latest up-to-date music.


The Pegasus Club

This club is often crowded and has a "fastest drinking" contest every night, so that makes for an interesting night.


Scorpion Bar

As most of the bars close at 3am, this dance club is popular due to that it’s on a cliff just outside of town. It is a round cave-like building that makes for cool looking disco.






The social pulse of Santorini is the Town Square. It is the prime gathering spot on the island, the place where people begin and often end their nights.

Tropical Bar

It's a small club that plays mainly Euro music. It has a wide bar counter and a balcony area that give for some spectacular views. It's the best place to start the night. It's friendly and social, which makes it hard to leave.


Two Brothers Bar

This used to be the busiest and craziest club in Santorini, as people would dance on the bar and go a bit crazy. Today, it’s not a busy, but the DJs there do no how to keep the crowd happy and jumping.


Coo Club and Enigma

These two clubs are thought as the two mega clubs on the island and they are right across from one another. Coo Club is Santorini's long-standing club. It has a large outdoor patio in a tropical setting a contrast to the high-energy dance scene inside where it's hot, both in temperature and action. It’s popular among tourists, locals and European celebrities. Enigma is a large club that's usually packed by midnight. Inside the club it's almost like waking into a Greek palace with the curved caved-like arches and its cushioned benches make it very comfortable and cozy to have a few drinks.






Palladium Night Club

This club is like a spring break party every night. The place is so wild that people come here intending to stay for only a couple of days but wind up staying for a week or more. The alcohol is cheap and the atmosphere is amazing, so you can see why people stay so long.



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