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Flag of India

Table of contents

Intro into India

India is one of those countries that you will either love or hate. The temperature in India varies from the snow capped mountains in the north to the white sand beaches in the south. There are over a billion people who live in India, most of whom are Hindu's, which make up 85% of the population. Bombay (Mumbai) is the largest city in India, and is where most of the business in the country is done. Bombay's has the busiest airport and the city handles almost 60% of the foreign trade through their seaports. India is one of the biggest exporting countries in the world. You can buy almost anything in this country from textiles to automotive parts. As Bombay has the busiest airport in India, Delhi is the most visited as it has the Golden Triangle up the northern region of the country.

India’s has a long history from the Indus civilization to when the British Raj ruled for centuries. When the country got its independence in the 1940s thanks to one of the most famous people of the 20th century and his name was Gandhi. He got India and the regions independence by peace not war. In the following years after independence tens of thousands of people died as Muslims moved to Pakistan and all Hindu’s went to India, but as they crossed angry blew over and this was when many of the deaths happened.

Today, this country has the world's largest democracy and is fast becoming a future power in the world. Tensions still bowl over in the Kashmir region with Pakistan, but because both are nuclear powers they are showing vigilance. For more information go to



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